Other Animation Tools



A stickfigure animation tool better than Pivor - can use online with spoon.net/Stykz (just need to sign up for a free account) or download from Stykz.net.


Pivot Stickfigure Animator is a free program on your computer. You can download it at home as well. It's a great application that allows you to create stick figure animations that range from the simple to impressive.


Working on the normal basics of stick figure animation, create individual frames of action and then view them in sequence, producing the animation. Think of a story, design the frames and watch your work of art in action! You can modify each Pivot Stickfigure Animator frame in any way you want, using some of the pre-set characters, creating your own, adding color and changing the background with your own creations.


Once you are happy with the animation, hit play to see how it's turned out. You can view the frames in miniature, editing, moving or erasing them as necessary. Once finished, you can save the Pivot Stickfigure Animation as a .GIF file. You can also export your animated stick figure into movie-making software. You can also add music or voice-over to your animation.


Create a 30-second 2-person fight or a good story.


  • excellent site with figures you can download and use- droidz.org

Tutorials on YouTube:

Search youtube and you'll find lots of tutorials for Pivot. Here's a few and some ideas of things to search for and try to learn.