Make your own website/blog

You will need to set up a website or blog to post your work. 


You can have a simple blog, posting your work in separate entries as you finish them, or have a website and post your work by categories (ie. photo effects, makeovers, textures, drawing, etc.)

  • Include a description and thumbnails (with links) to source photos.
  • Make sure you upload JPGs, not PSDs!

Website Tools:

If you want to create a website:

  • -simple and easy drag & drop builder. If you want to change your theme, can do that and keeps your text/photos.
  • - very nice for design, but if you want to change your theme, then you have to start over with your content (text, photos etc).
  • You can also make a free website that can have different blog pages using Go to "Make Website/Blog" on the Home page for more links/help.

Blogging Tools:

If you want to create a blog:

Jimdo is a free tool, easy to use with a lot of flexibility in the design. You can upload Flash animations, youtube videos and more. To create an account and get started, go to

Getting started:

  1. Intro to Jimdo - watch this to get an overview of
  2. First steps to making your page -watch a video for each of the following:
    • Choose Your Layout
    • Change Your Header
    • Edit the Navigation
    • Add Content to Your JimdoPage

More Jimdo Help/Tips:

Getting started:

  • On your main page, you need to create a New Blog.
  • When you are viewing your blog, you'll see tool/pencil icons - use these to Edit your post or settings. You'll also see links at the top right to create a New Post or to edit the Design.


To change the look, go to Templates and then Customize. You can:

  • change the Background picture,
  • change the Layout or
  • set the look of the text/headings (under Advanced).