Go to Computer folder

To open the main "Computer" window to get to your files and folders, you have the following options:

Option #1: Click on the Documents button on the taskbar, and then go to Computer.

Option #2: Keyboard shortcut Windows+E

Option #3: Use the Start menu and go to "Computer".

When it opens, you'll see your student number (=your Z: drive). Only you have access to this folder. This is where you should save your stuff to. You used to see S: here as well, but they've moved the shortcut to the Desktop.

Rename Z:

To make it easier when navigating folders, rename your Z: drive. Right-click on the drive and "Rename"...

 Type in your first name and ENTER. 

Create class folder

Create a "New Folder" for your class work.

Just type in the course name and Enter to apply. 


If you are in Graphic Arts 8, go into your class folder and create the following subfolders:

  • Bitmap
  • Vector
  • Photos

If you are in Computers 9, go into your class folder and create the following subfolders:

  • Flash
  • GameMaker
  • Photoshop