Saving your Work

How to Save

Three ways to save a file:

  1. Using the menu: FILE>SAVE
  2. Using the keyboard shortcut: CTRL+S
  3. Using the toolbutton

The first time you save something, it'll bring up the Save As window. You have to give every file you save:

  1. name (File Name) &
  2. place (Save in) - go to "Documents" or Z: drive to your course folder.

After that you can just use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+S to save any changes.


If you close your program window and you haven't saved, it will ask you...

Saving to Documents

Whatever is in your "Documents" folder (on C:, in Libraries) is synchronized with your "Documents" folder on your Z: drive. Note: "Pictures" does not sync.


Download starting file from Moodle

If you click to download/save a file from Moodle, it will automatically be saved into your Downloads folder. Go into that folder, copy or move that file into your class folder in Documents and then open it.