Student Share (S:)

Copy shortcut to S:

Have Documents/Computer open. Expand Computer by clicking on the triangles to the left of "Computer" so you see "Z". 

Maximize your window and click on Desktop. Drag the shortcut to "Student Share" into your Z: folder on the left.

Then double-click on the shortcut to "Student Share" to go into the folder.

Then go into the "Koppejan" folder.

Drag shortcut to hand in folder for your class

You'll see shortcuts to the hand in folders at the bottom. Click and drag the shortcut for your class into your Z: folder on the left.

Get starting files from S: Student Share

At the top are course materials folders. 

  • Computers 7 - you'll be copying starting Word documents.
  • GA8 - you'll be copying one file "Seasons" into your "Photos" folder

Computers 7 files to copy

Select the files (not the entire folder) to copy, and drag them into your Documents folder or into Z:, and then drag into your class folder.

Graphic Arts 8 file to copy

Select the "Seasons" file and copy (CTRL+C). Then go to your class folder, in "Photos" (in Z: or Documents), and Paste (CTRL+V).

Handing in work

First, in your DOCUMENTS class folder:

  1. Make sure your file name includes your name.
    your file = “assignment name – firstname Lastinitial”
    ie. “painting – Mary S”
  2. Copy it (CTRL+C)

Then, double-click on the shortcut to the hand in folder, or go to S: Student Share>koppejan>...

  1. Go into "_handin", find your class folder.
  2. CTRL+V to paste in the file(s)