Music & Videos

Step 1: Find the song or video

Find the song or video on YouTube.

If you want to download videos from a movie, try this YouTube channel:  MovieCLIPS

Step 2: Copy the URL

First find the song or video you want to download on YouTube. Click in the address bar and copy (CTRL+C).

Step 3: Use an online converter

There are many options out there. Some of them you have to be careful because there are so many buttons that if you click on them, you get an ad opening up or a virus! See the following pages for tips on specific converters. Here are the links to just a few...

Step 4: copy file to project folder

When you download the song/video, it ends up in your Downloads folder. If you've just downloaded it, you can quickly get to the file by using the drop-down menu and choosing "Show in Folder". 

Otherwise you can navigate to the Downloads folder and select the file from there.

Select the file and Cut (CTRL+X) or Copy (CTRL+C). Then navigate to your Documents/Z: folder and Paste (CTRL+V) it in your project folder.